"Bathtub refinishing will give an old tub a new shine." Refinish porcelain or dull fiberglass bathtubs with a relatively inexpensive new resurfacing. BATH CREST of Colorado bathtub refinishing will be a fraction of the price of a new fixture. We can put a shiny new refinishing, in the color of your choice, on a tub that will last for years. A permanent slip-resistant tub bottom can also be applied, eliminating the need for a bath mat.

old bathtubBefore
bathtub resurfacedAfter
old bad green bathtub


bathtub refinished with slip resistant bottom


old rusted tubBefore
refinished bathtubAfter
bathtub with rustBefore
bathtub with new repaired glaze finishAfter

The replacement of a bathtub in most cases, always involves more than "just the tub".

Generally replacement requires the removal of a wall or walls and several rows of tile - or all tile, including flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, toilet, sinks, etc. "We don't disturb the existing wall or plumbing, and tubs are completed in less than one day."

Besides saving you up to 80% of replacement cost, bathtub refinishing is less disruptive for the household.

GLAZECOTE® Tough - You'll love the look and feel of a new Bath Crest finish. Glazecote is a shiny, durable high-tech finish that completely encapsulates your bathtub. Glazecote has superior chemical resistance, stain resistance and low maintenance making it the most carefree, porcelain-like finish available.