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Bathtub Refinishing And Walk-Thru™ Bathtub Conversions Since 1985

Bathtub Walk-Thru™ Conversions

Accessible Bathtub Cutout Conversions with Removable Tub Door

Our accessible bathtub conversion, that you can walk into, provides safety and ease of entry for your bathtub. We convert your existing tub, adding a removable watertight tub door. We can also add grab bars to the bathtub making it easy to enter the tub.

Bathtub Conversion

Bathtub Refinishing/Reglazing

Denver Metro Bathtub Refinishing since 1985

Keep your existing bathtub in place and refinish with a beautiful, tough, lasting new surface. Bathtub refinishing is an affordable way to change the color of your tub or repair chips, cracks or rust on your tub surface. Your bathtub stays in place which will save you money. Your tub will look like new after it is refinished.

Bathtub Refinishing

We are here to help with your cracked, chipped or ugly bathtub.

We can convert your bathtub to a Walk-Thru™ shower, typically in a day.

Bathtubs are usually completed in less than one day and have an instant impact on your bathroom.

We are available for your commercial and residential properties. Please check out our details on bathtub refinishing and bathtub conversions.

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