How To Care For Your Refinished Bathtub

Some DIY bathtub refinish kits paint a new surface on your tub. At Bath Crest of Colorado we do more than just paint your tub. Our Glazecote tough resurfacing requires our professionals for the project, giving you a tub that looks like new. Your tough new refinished bathtub surface allows you to care for your tub in the same way you would care for any new bathtub.

Cleaning tips for your refinished bathtub

  • Use a mild cleaner - Do not use harsh, abrasive (generally powder) cleaners.

  • Clean your bathtub weekly with a mild liquid soap. Mild dish soap is surprisingly effective. If you keep up with your weekly cleaning, a mild liquid soap is often all you need.

  • Dry your tub - Wiping your new or refinished bathtub dry after use will make cleaning easier and keep mold/mildew away.

  • Refrain from keeping wet items (towels etc.) on your bathtub surface for excessive periods of time.

  • Ask us about our permanent slip-resistant tub bottom. This eliminates the need for a bath mat and consequently, the cleaning of a bath mat. Bath mats can trap water causing mold or damage to your tub. If you do use a bath mat, use caution to make sure water is not trapped after tub use.

  • Simple care for your new or refinished bathtub will keep it looking nice for a long time.
Advice for bathtub cleaning