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Walk-Thru™ Bathtub Conversions


Benefits of bathtub conversion to a Walk-Thru™ shower

  • Provides easy shower access and enhances overall safety
  • Bathtub conversion for seniors maintains independence and allows seniors to remain in their homes longer
  • Saves thousands over conventional remodeling and walk-in tubs
  • Reduces stress on the elderly and the attending assistants
  • Bathtub conversion is completed in hours instead of days or weeks
  • Fits most existing bathtubs
  • Everyone in the house can choose bath or shower and still have easy access into the tub.
  • Convert your walk in shower back to a relaxing tub in seconds with the removable Quick-Tub™ Door

Our Bathtub Conversion To Walk-Thru™ Tub Process

We start with your original tub. This is an important step that can potentially save you money. By keeping your tub in place, we limit the disruption to your bathroom. We can typically complete your cutout tub conversion in hours.

tub prior to bathtub conversion Original bathtub (before)

We add a walk-in entry to convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower.

We can convert most types of tubs (fiberglass, cast iron, steel etc.) to a walk in bathtub. We can also refinish your tub if it is in need of refinishing/resurfacing along with conversion.

The tub pictured here is complete with grab bars for easy entry into the bath/shower area.

bathtub converted to walk in tub Walk-Thru™ bathtub conversion

With the removable watertight tub door in place, you can quickly convert your bathtub to a bath. Our bathtub cutout system offers you the convenience to convert from shower to bathtub quickly.

tub converted and holding water Converted tub filled